Heteroplacidium contumescens2

Squamulose terricolous, mainly on calcareous rocks with some soil acumulation, and in fissures or cavities.
Note: squamules 1-3 mm wide, scattered or contiguous, to hardly overlapping. Thallus 200-400 micras thick, perithecia globose to subglobose, exciple pale or dark brown, darkening at maturity:
Spores simple, 11-15 x 6-8 micras:
Pycnidia laminal, Dermatocarpon-type, conidia oblong-ellipsoid to subcylincrical, 3,5-5 x 1-1,5 micras:
Lithology: crack in conglomerate
Altitude: 320 m
Municipality: Pechina