Anema nodulosum

Squamulose saxicolous, on calcareous-siliceous rain-tracks.
Note: squamules peltate 1-2 mm high and 0.3-0.5 mm wide at the tip. Squamules grow densely aggregated with the appearance of a single pulvinulate-shaped squamule, 4(5) mm diameter. Thallus homoiomerous with pycnoapothecia, 1 per squamule. Epithecium orange and thin, thecium and hipothecium colorless.

Paraphysis septate, capitate and weakly anastomosed:

Spores hyaline, subglobose-ellipsoidal, 9-15 x 7-9 micras:

Lithology: andesite
Altitude: 70 m
Municipality: Níjar